There are hundreds of dog shampoos available in the market nowadays. However, it is not easy to pick out a good one. Similar to human skin, dogs also have different skin types. So, we should choose the most suitable shampoo for our dogs. The right shampoo can soothe the dog’s skin and make the coat shine, while the unsuitable shampoo can make the skin irritated and itchy. Here I will give you some tips on pet shampoos.

Never ever use human shampoos
I think most people have the experience of using a human shampoo on a dog. Some people may think that human shampoo is also suitable for dogs. That is absolutely wrong. If we use it on a dog, his or her skin will be irritated. It is not good for dog health.

Dog shampoos for dry skin
First we should learn how to determine a dog’s skin type. We can gently touch the pet skin to see if there is any skin flaking. If we can find some, then the dog most likely has dry skin. In this case, we should choose oatmeal-based or jojoba-based shampoos. Shampoos made from oatmeal or jojoba can help moisturize dry skin gently.You may find more information at best dog shampoo.

Dog shampoos for oily skin
If we feel oily when we touch the pet skin, then the dog most likely has oily skin. We can use some refreshing shampoos to deep clean the dog skin. Do not use some conditioning shampoos, for they can make the skin oilier. In the next article I will give you some tips on dog shampoos for sensitive skin and other warnings.

You should avoid shampoos and conditioners that are heavily scented. Even though they might make your dog smell good, they can be damaging to your dog’s respiratory tract. Remember that a dog’s sense of smell is much greater than a human’s, and constant bombardment with perfumed shampoo or conditioner can cause discomfort for your pet. Other options include whitening and coloring shampoo; both of these are normally meant for professional dog trainers who are showing their dogs at competitions. They work to enhance the color of your dog’s coat, but sometimes may be harsh and unsuitable for regular use. You should use these shampoos with care, as they may not be tearless formulas.