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A Ministry of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province With Native American Peoples of the Pacific Northwest

Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute

Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute
330 East Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA  99202-1710

Cec Sheoships, Co-Director, Kateri Northwest Ministry InstituteMike Fitzpatrick, S.J., Co-Director, Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute

Co-Directors: Cec Sheoships and Mike Fitzpatrick, S.J.

Contact E-Mail Address: KateriNMI@gmail.com. Requests for telephone communication may be sent to this e-mail address. 

Mission Statement

Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute (KNMI) is a training program in leadership for Native American Catholics. Kateri’s mission is to empower Native American Catholics to serve their People and affirm their cultural and spiritual identity. KNMI encourages the People to take responsibility for the religious life of their local community. The program transforms training into action by involving Native leaders fully in the pastoral education of fellow Native Catholics. Kateri participants become teachers themselves, working in apprenticeship with KNMI staff, a collaboration which enables Native People to take ownership of their place within the local community.

Our ultimate goal includes training lay leaders in the Native community, healing from substance abuse, and promoting greater involvement of Native People in their larger communities.

We dream of the good news
of God’s Kingdom on earth,
as it is in heaven,
where everyone is equal,
where all people respect
one another’s dignity, spiritual gifts
and unique traditions, where love and justice
are normative, and all racism, sexism, or clericalism are eradicated.

We dream of
a fully Native Catholic Church where Native People will be
the leaders and nurturers of their Church in traditional cultural ways. Their spiritual
gifts will be cherished, honored, developed and
shared with others.
Native families and communities
will be strong, sober, and stable
spiritually, economically, politically, and socially.

We dream of Catholic Native Peoples empowered through policies,
finances and personnel which are committed to a fully Native Catholic Church.

• To train and support local Catholic Native leadership.

• To invite broad and widespread participation of the Plains, Plateau, and Coastal Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest in their local Church and communities.

• To carry out the Vatican II mandate to inculturate the Gospel by supporting a culturally Native Church.

• To strengthen and heal Native families and communities by directly addressing dysfunction and addiction through counseling education.

• To hone social analysis skills using Catholic Social Teaching to address economic poverty and social injustices within Native communities.

Heart Butte Mountain, Heart Butte, MTColumbia River North of Grand Coulee Dam, Washington

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