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Whether you are going hunting, in the military or a paintball enthusiast; these are enough reasons for you to go shopping for Ghillie Suits. They are mainly prepared to blend you with the surroundings so that people can hide their presence. This type of camouflage clothing is not designed to make you look good. An army person may wear a one to deceive his enemy. A hunter may wear it (which looks like leaves and tags) to hide himself from prey. Different materials are used to manufacture ghillies like burlap or jute with twine to make an illusion of leaves. Although you can get high quality suits which are commercially manufactured, some people prefer their customized suits (mostly military people & snipers) and therefore make them themselves. Building a Ghillie is not an easy job, it is a very tedious and time consuming job. Hunters and paintball players can purchase one which are prepared by using cloth and netting. They are heavy and are not easy to clean, the leading supplier of Ghillie suits, carries the very popular next generation Ghillies made from synthetic materials which can be washed easily and are extremely light weight.

Visit cheap ghillie suit for more details.┬áIf you wish to make your own Ghillie, the easiest way to start is by purchasing a Ghillie Kit. These kits are available in pre-pattern packages like a “woodland Ghillie kit” or you can get custom packages where you choose your own colors. The kits contain everything you need to make a Ghillie suit like pre-cut jute (burlap or hessian) threads generally available in 7-8 colors and full instruction guide for assembling them. By purchasing a kit you can save a good amount of money and considerable amount of time. With a Ghillie kit, it will still take you about 5-6 hours to complete your Ghillie suit or you can always buy a pre made suit.

If you want to purchase a military Ghillie then safety is more of a concern and you should prefer the fabric made suit than jute or burlap made because they are better for fire resistant. Paintball Ghillies mainly cover every part of your body except arms so that you can hold your paintball gun with better movement, generally these are lighter in weight. Ghillies for kids are available in the market with good looking design and safety features. Generally speaking, it gets pretty warm when wearing a Ghillie suit, because these suits are heavy. Suits for kids are made by keeping in mind that they should be lighter in weight therefore kids Ghillie suits are made by synthetic materials. If you are looking for a low cost, cheap Ghillie suit, then it might be more economical to purchase a ghillie kit and make your own. The only downside is that the process of building a your own, is that it is very time consuming.