Plan a Teen Party That Will Rock Their World

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The mere mention of a teen party makes many a strong man quake in his boots. It conjures up images of whooping and hollering, out-of-control wild banshee, absentee parents with all-night drinking, and perhaps even a little pillage.Checkout viral videos for more info.

Yes, these things have all happened, but this is not a normal teen party! Discover the “ground rules” that will allow your teen to plan the ultimate party that will rock their world.

The first thing you need to determine is your bottom line. Let your teen know, up front, how many greenbacks you are ultimately willing to part with in order for them to create their rockin’ good time. Be sure your teen agrees with this figure, because down the road, they may start coming up with some high-dollar ideas, and you can just gently remind them of how much you all agreed to.

Probably the most important thing you could do for your teen when it comes to party planning is to listen to what they have to say. After all, it is their party and not your soiree. The last thing teens want is to have their parents exercise more control over their lives. One of the first things a teen wants is independence and the freedom to make decisions that effect their lives. So, be your teen’s hero and grant them some leeway. Say, “yes” to as many party ideas, decisions, wishes, and requests as possible. Save the “nos” for those things that are just too far-fetched, way out there, and impossible to achieve. But first, brainstorm for alternatives to that “crazy” idea. Make this party planning time an opportunity to draw closer to your teen. Remember, if you win the battle, but lose the war, what have you really won.

Generally speaking, Friday nights, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons are your best bets. However, when selecting the date, be sure to check and see if it coincides with a holiday weekend or the holiday season, which might cause people to be out-of-town and ultimately make for poor attendance.

Here’s another area that may call for compromise. For example, if you have a teen who is somewhat shy and doesn’t know very many people, but wants to have a larger party, this might be a perfect time to say “yes,” when you would rather your teen just have a handful of close friends. This could afford an opportunity for your teen to experience personal growth and gain more confidence, two qualities a teen can never have too much of! So, once again, if at all possible, say “yes.”

Obviously, if you are hosting a larger party and you’re thinking of holding it at your home, just be sure you can house all of the guests comfortably, and are able to provide ample space for eating, hanging out, and dancing. Also, if you are going to have a party that runs later into the night, factor in the neighbors’ proximity to ward off possible noise complaints, which could put a damper on the evening.

If you determine your home isn’t suitable for the party, perhaps your teen could ask a friend if their home could be used. However, this is an area that you need to tread lightly, since it is your teen’s party and you don’t want to run the risk of their friend receiving all the glory, so to speak, for their efforts. Another option is to look into renting a community center, gyms sometimes have rooms they rent out for parties, hotel rooms, etc. Once again, don’t discount this idea immediately because the first thing that goes through your mind is the expense. As I mentioned before, if you have a teen that is shy and this party is an opportunity to strut their stuff, view the cost of the room rental as an investment in your teen’s future.